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Erratum to: ‘Justice at Sea: Fishers’ politics and marine conservation in coastal Odisha, India’

Maritime Studies201615:8

  • Received: 28 April 2016
  • Accepted: 28 April 2016
  • Published:

The original article was published in Maritime Studies 2016 15:4

Unfortunately, the original version of this article [1] contained errors. The author has made several edits to be included in the text as shown below.

Section: ‘Introduction’, middle of paragraph 5: Drop ‘additional’ in ‘additional case work’

Section: ‘Territory, nature, people, state’, second sentence paragraph 6: Change ‘Indeed, state creation itself…’ to ‘State creation in turn…’

Section: ‘State policy, turtle conservation and marine fishing’, last sentence of paragraph 3: Drop ‘usage’ in ‘popular usage meaning of a mechanized boat’ so that is reads as ‘popular meaning of a mechanized boat’

Section: ‘The Indian state, refugees and the 2005 controversy’, last sentence of paragraph 4: Drop ‘had’ ‘The Act had was partly meant to prevent….’ So that it reads as ‘The Act was partly meant to prevent…’

The additional files (1 and 2) currently placed at the bottom of the text, need to be embedded in the text and function as figures.

Additional File 1 should be Figure 1 and be placed at the end of the 5th paragraph of the Introduction. This also means that “(additional file 1)” at the end of the last sentence of paragraph 5 needs to be deleted.

Additional File 2 should be Figure 2 and be placed at the end of the 7th paragraph of the section entitled, “State policy, turtle conservation and marine fishing”. This also means that “(additional file 2)” at the end of the last sentence of paragraph 7 needs to be deleted.

There are further changes to the Bibliography. Mahesh should be corrected to Mukul in the following references:

Gupta, Charu and Mukul Sharma. 2008. Contested coastlines: Fisherfolk, nations and borders in South Asia. New Delhi: Routledge.

Sharma, Mukul. 2012. Green and saffron: Hindu nationalism and Indian environmental politics. Ranikhet: Permanent Black.

The following is an unpublished reference that needs to be changed in the bibliography.

Chhotray, Vasudha. 2016. Nullification of citizenship: Negotiating authority without identity documents in coastal Odisha. Forthcoming.

The following is a missing reference in the bibliography which is to be inserted between Forsyth and Gupta in the bibliography

Aloysius, G. 1999. Nationalism without a nation in India. Oxford India Paperbacks: Oxford University Press.

Department of Fisheries. 2002. Handbook on fisheries statistics of Orissa, 2000/01. Bhubaneswar, Directorate of Fisheries, Government of Orissa.

Greenpeace. 2008. Orissa: Turning seas of trouble into seas of plenty. Bangalore: Greenpeace India.

Sarbananda Sonowal vs Union of India and Anr. 2005. Supreme Court.




This paper is based on research funded by the NERC-ESPA research project ‘Just Ecosystem Management: Linking Ecosystem Services with Poverty Alleviation’ (2010–12). I would like to acknowledge the guidance and support provided by Thomas Sikor in his role as Principal Investigator on this larger research project. I am deeply grateful to Rajib Biswal and Sudhanshu Behera for their invaluable assistance in the field, without which this study would not have been possible. I would like to thank my colleagues at the Global Environmental Justice Group at the School of International Development UEA for their intellectual camaraderie, and audiences at the Development Studies Association Conference in London (2012) and the MARE Conference in Amsterdam (2013) for their critical comments on this paper. All limitations of the paper are of course entirely mine.

Open AccessThis article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided you give appropriate credit to the original author(s) and the source, provide a link to the Creative Commons license, and indicate if changes were made.

Authors’ Affiliations

School of International Development, University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, UK


  1. Chhotray, V. 2016. Justice at Sea: Fishers’ politics and marine conservation in coastal Odisha, India. Maritime Studies 15: 4.View ArticleGoogle Scholar


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