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Society affiliation

Maritime Studies is affiliated with the Centre for Maritime Research (MARE), who have granted funding for article publications; please contact the editors for more information.

Charges, waivers and sponsorships

Maritime Studies has recently made a transition from a subscription-based to an open access journal. As articles can now be freely obtained on the internet, this increases reach and readership, and thereby benefits authors and readers alike. The cost of open access publishing requires authors to pay an article-processing charge (APC). However, Maritime Studies possesses a generous system of APC waivers and sponsorships. See our article-processing charge details for more information.


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Aims and scope

Aims & scope

Maritime Studies is an international peer-reviewed journal on the social dimensions of coastal and marine issues throughout the world. The journal is a venue for theoretical and empirical research relevant to a wide range of academic social science disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, geography, history and political science. Space is especially given to develop academic concepts and debate. We invite original research papers, reviews and viewpoints and welcome proposals for special issues that make a distinctive contribution to contemporary discussion around maritime and coastal use, development and governance. The journal provides a rigorous but constructive review process and rapid publication, and is accessible to new researchers, including postgraduate students and early career academics.

Open thematic series

Enhancing stewardship in Latin America and Caribbean small scale fisheries

This thematic series originates from the international workshop "Enhancing stewardship in small-scale fisheries through ecosystem approaches and other means" (Too Big To Ignore (TBTI), Latin America and the Caribbean Joint workshop with Working Group 4), which was held in August 2013 in Curitiba, Brazil.
Initially, it publishes some key contributions presented at the meeting describing different examples from Latin America that address stewardship in small scale fisheries. The series continues with further articles dealing with the issue in that particular region of the world.

Celebrating 25 Years of MAST

In 2013, MAST celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation by Rob van Ginkel and Jojada Verrips. To recognize this achievement, we have created this thematic series. The series will have contributions from well-known figures who have been involved with MAST over its history, and contributions that speak particularly well to the major themes on which MAST has published.